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Joel's Bar is the young adults ministry of CELEBRATE Trust which has run Catholic Charismatic events for the last 28 years serving those aged 16-28!


At Joel’s Bar (JB) we are passionate about seeing young people inspired and equipped to live an authentic Christian life in the power of the Holy Spirit. We long for all young people to realise their call to live in a relationship with a loving God. We offer a space for young adults to encounter the living God and explore their faith in an environment that is built on community and fellowship. We believe there is something for everyone at JB with our timetable made up of various ways to engage both with God and each other. This includes the sacraments, Praise and Worship, Prayer ministry, personal prayer, small  group discussion, workshops, sports, evenings of entertainment and lots of time to socialise and build community in our Cafe and Bar!


"I experienced God in a new and profound way during prayer ministry. The Spirit moved and it felt like a gentle, soft wind that breathed new life into me. Joel’s Bar has left me feeling refreshed and has revived my relationship with God."


For many years before Joel’s Bar became its own event, we were the eldest youth stream of a huge family conference in Devon called CELEBRATE. The people that started this stream prayed about what God was saying to the young people and received the awesome prophecy of Joel. This scripture promises that God will pour His spirit out upon ALL flesh and young and old alike will have dreams and visions full of God's glory. (Joel 2:28-29) This powerful promise is also mentioned in Acts 2 when Peter is preaching at Pentecost. JB has therefore always been marked by the power of the Holy Spirit and we know that we are called to be set apart as His people with His vision.


So why the 'bar'? Quite simply the first JB was held in a bar! Whilst we're now based in a School we still have our bar in the evening in keeping with our name.

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"My week at Joel's bar changed my life! I am so grateful to everyone that created an environment to connect with the spirit. I made so many friendships and saw Christ at the heart of everyone, but the best friendship, that will stay with me for ever is with the Holy Spirit!"


Throughout the week at Joel's Bar we unpack the theme of the conference with speakers, and allow a time to reflect and pray into what God is speaking to us about, both individually and as a JB family. 


Whether it be through daily Mass, inspiring talks or extended periods of praise and worship, through the creativity of art and dance, through a bake-a-cake workshop or a football tournament, we aim to build relationship with God and with others. 

Fellowship and conversation is really important at Joel's Bar so we make sure there is plenty of opportunity for socialising and discussion. The JB Café is open most of the day for coffee catch ups, whilst in the evening the Bar opens up and The Fringe social evenings begin.


So if you've never been before you are warmly welcomed to come on the journey with us for the first time... If you've been to JB - we'd love for you to come again! Everybody is welcome to join us and be renewed and empowered so that we might return to help transform our towns and villages, our communities, our place of study and work for the glory of Jesus.

 "I thank God for what he is doing in my life, the changes he has made and the clarity I have gained through Joel's Bar. Thank you lord for the gift of Joel’s Bar and allowing me to be apart of a brilliant and restorative community."


“What I realised during my time at JB, was that God loves everyone individually. He knows everyone, he wants everyone to be filled with the Holy Spirit, the often forgotten person of God, He loves you.”

All of a sudden a fulfilment of energy rushed through my body, an emotional tsunami poured through my solar plexus, a moment of pure certainty in my mind; God is real, God loves me, the Holy Spirit is in me."

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