Joel's Bar 2022 tickets!

Holiness, Intimacy & Unity.

What - A week full of opportunities for Young Adults from Year 12 - 25 year olds to spend time each day in personal prayer, share in the sacraments, come together for faith input and discussions as well as engaging in praise and worship, social activities and workshops all focussing around this year's theme of ‘Holiness, Intimacy & Unity’


Where -  St. Mary's School, Ascot, Berkshire from 3rd-8th April.

Why - We want to see young people inspired and equipped to live an authentic Christian life in the power of the Holy Spirit. We believe offering people space to encounter the living God and explore faith within a safe space of a community, and fellowship is a great way to do this!

You can either purchase a full residential week ticket which includes full board and lodging or you can buy day tickets. Either way, we can’t wait to see you!