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3-8th April 2022 - St Mary's School, Ascot

Holiness, Intimacy & Unity.

This year we went back to basics, and delving deeper into these three key aspects of our faith. We explored more of what they actually mean and how, through the Holy Spirit we can root ourselves in them, living with and growing closer to Jesus every day.

“All of a sudden a fulfilment of energy rushed through my body, an emotional tsunami poured through my solar plexus, a moment of pure certainty in my mind; God is real, God loves me, the Holy Spirit is in me.“


We were blessed to be joined by a huge number of speakers, who unpacked the theme of 'Holiness, Intimacy, Unity'. Thank you to: Holly Cook, Ben Gray, Fr Paschal Uche, Sr Camilla, Hannah Heather, Fr Christophe and Sr Melissa and Mike Pilavachi.

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“I experienced God in a new and profound way during prayer ministry. The Spirit moved and it felt like a gentle, soft wind that breathed new life into me. Joel’s Bar has left me feeling refreshed and has revived my relationship with God.”


In the afternoon we choose different input for ourselves, with a great variety of content! Thank you to Br Angelo CFR, Phil Gay form the Bible Society, Rachael Bowe, Maria Heath, Dom McDermott, Sr Camilla, Cor et Lumen Christi, Fr Paul Keane, Joe Wells, Youth2000 and Fr Christophe.

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“My week at Joel's bar changed my life! I made so many friendships and saw Christ at the heart of everyone, but the best friendship, that will stay with me for ever is with the Holy Spirit!”

The week.

The week was full of times of powerful prayer, an experience of the Sacraments, rich sense of community and was supported generously by our team of spiritual mentors and clergy. Thanks to Fr Paul , Fr Columba CFR, Fr Andrew, Fr Paschal, Fr Martin, Br Angelo CFR, Jenny Baker, Pip Baker, Joe Wells and Drew Fava.

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“What I realised during my time at JB, was that God loves everyone individually. He knows everyone, he wants everyone to be filled with the Holy Spirit, the often forgotten person of God, He loves you.”

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