What a week we had a JB21, Refresh & Rebuild! Here is a round up of each day and what we got up to!



We kicked each morning off with Morning Prayer, we had a mixture of different types of prayer like Lectio Divina and silent meditations. Starting our days at JB the right way!


We had mass with our wonderful chaplains Fr Paul and Fr David. The mass is a central focus point at JB so we were blessed to be be able to have it said live!



Our JB coffee times were wonderful! It was an hour of chit-chat, catchups and laughs each day! We know how important social time is at JB so this year was no different!
This year our workshops were led by a number of amazing guest speakers and home grown members of the JB team. There were two options to get stuck into, either - Refresh, which focused on unpacking ways in which we can connect with God and be spiritually refreshed through personal prayer, the gifts of the Holy Spirit and being creative. Rebuild, where we explored ways in which we are called to outwork our Christain faith in our lives, Churches communities and wider society.


We had a great time journeying through the great video resources from NUA which is aimed to follow on from the Alpha series and go into more depth. We had a great time discussing and sharing our struggles, faith and joy about all being a Christian means for us in our lives!


The focus of our evening sessions as always was an opportunity to encounter God. We started with Praise and worship and then an aspect of the theme was unpacked by one of our engaging and faith filled speakers who inspired us of the need to spiritually refresh and rebuild. We then ended in a time of response with the opportunity for prayer ministry and some more praise and worship where the Holy Spirit really moved. 


Times of worship at JB Is always one of the highlights of the week and this year was no different, we had our incredible worship team join us from all around the country providing powerful, uplifting and Spirit filled times of praise and worship during our evening sessions and Mass.


Trying to make Joel's Bar fun and engaging this year was tricky but we loved the opportunities we had to get everyone involved in recording themselves competing in some challenges at home and taking part in our very original holiday themed quiz as well as the conversations and discussions during small groups and the JB Cafe hour!

"Prayer Ministry was AMAZING - I can only imagine Time in the Tent was the same!"

"Mass was lovely and also really enjoyed the morning prayer"

"Didn't have a least favourite part, everything I attended was great."

"Really enjoyed morning prayer, was interesting every day and set the day off well."

"The NUA series was great!"

"Loved the inputs from various speakers and small group time in the afternoon was great to feel a part of the retreat despite not being physically with everyone."

Thank you.